The Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi invested in:

• Units of corn/silo with Dessicators

• Cereals storehouses

• Cotton gin units

• Packaging unit and Freezing chambers

The Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi has constructed the Packaging unit and Freezing chambers of Kiwi and Pomegranates. The Agricultural Cooperative Union of Xanthi has constructed a modern Packaging unit and cooling chambers in the region of Evlalo (near Egnatia motorway) in the prefecture of Xanthi, Greece.

The total size of its building is 5.430 sq. meters and it is situated in a privately-owned land of 18.100 sq. meters. There has also been installed a modern equipment of small-packaging, automatic package shaping and a ground weighing-machine. It possesses two-storeyed floored offices and accounts office of 473 sq. meters.

It consists of 20 refrigerating-cooling chambers, which have the capacity of 14.422 cubic m (3.150.000 kg). Ten (10) refrigerating-cooling Cabins could be functioned with controlled atmosphere. Communing passages between the selection room and loading ramp. Engine-room, sub-station, food quality control laboratory and machine maintenance and repairing room.

The 20 cooling cabins function with freezing liquid glikoli which is freezed in the engine-room by independent cooling complexes. The cabins have ethylene burners for kiwi preservation. There have been constructed two special pro-freezing cabins that are necessary for the appropriate long-lasting kiwi preservation. Additionally, the cabins have automatic humidification system.

The Sorting department covers 1874 sq. meters (it is a modern department used for the sorting and packaging of kiwis, pomegranates and peaches with a capacity of 10 ton. of fruit per hour ).

There is an up-to-date selection and packing system for kiwi of capacity 10ton/h. There has also been installed an automatic line for making small packages, automatic package shaping and a ground weighing-machine.

There has been foreseen all the necessary mechanical equipment and other equipment as well such as clarks, vans, palettes etc. for the best function of whole complex. The whole construction meets the modern prescriptions for the function of the standardization , elaboration and preservation of fruits and vegetables.