The Fruit Producer Organization (PO) of the Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi has 116 members.

Αbout 150 hectares of kiwi of great quality (cultivar HAYWARD) are cultivated, 100 hectares of pomegranate have been cultivated (cultivar WONDERFUL and ACO ) and 50 hectares of peaches and nectarines that are expected to give a sufficient crop.

For both kiwi pomegranate cultivations we use the system of intergrated management according to the following standards : AGRO 2-1 (Management of Rural Environment – system of Integrated Management in Agricultural Production, Part 1 : Specification ) and AGRO 2-2 (Management of Rural Environment – System of Integrated Management in Agricultural Production, Part 2 : Requirements for the application in crop production ) in the PRODUCTION OF KIWI AND POMEGRANATE.

The Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi applied and used the model of the Integrated Management and is certified. Also its farmers have founded to conform to the Standards of GLOBAL GAP. Our Organization was the first in Greece to certify System Intergrated Management of pomegranates. This System of Integrated Management Ensurew traceability of Product, accomplishes rational management of inputs (water, fertilizers, pesticides etc.) reduces production costs & increases products additional value, meets the quality requirements of the Market and protects the Farmer, the Consumer ant the Environment. With the Certifications of facilities for standardzation and packing of fruit with ISO 22000 , enables the Agricultural Cooperative Union of Xanthi to dominate the most demanding markets. We quarantee all quality controls both during production, preservation processing and packaging.