COOP Xanthi

The Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi was founded in 1926 by agricultural producers who believed firmly in cooperation and it dealt straight away with the gathering and distribution of the products of its members.

It is administrated by a five member board of directors which changes every four years and is elected by the Cooperatives’ Representatives’ Meeting.

The purpose of the Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi is the members’ coordination, promotion and well being. A major role in the function and the development of the cooperation plays the human resources. It is the moving power that coordinates, instructs, takes actions and most importantly fulfills all the expectations of each member of the COOP.

The Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi has 21 employees and 100 seasonal workers, responsible and expert  in all sectors of management.

The main activities of our Organization are the following:

  • Soft and Hard (Durum) Wheat commerce
  • Corn (40.000MT) commerce
  • Agricultural seeds’ , pesticides’ and Machinery commerce
  • Trading of fertilizers
  • Cotton ginning
  • The recent activity is the collection, processing, packaging, standardization and trading fresh fruits like Kiwis, Pomegranates , Peaches, Nectarines and Cherries.

Policy of the Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi is the production of agricultural products according to:

– The protection of the environment

– The consumer’s safety

– The safety of the producer- member of the cooperation

– The financial prosperity of the producers.

The Agricultural Cooperative of Xanthi turns to new alternative methods of production, trying to respond positively to all the legislative and environmental pressures, to the modern issues of safety and hygiene, to the informed consumers as well as to the constantly increased popularity of the modern methods of production.

The modern equipment, the highly trained and specialist work force and the close supervision of production from the field to the retailer, guarantee the top quality that even the most demanding of today’s consumer rightly expects. The development of the Integrated Management in Greece under the format of the systematic applications of certified specifications/ prototypes and the certification, given by the retrospective institutions, of its the correct application; started in Greece before 2000 with the establishment of AGROCERT and with the creation of the models of the Integrated Management AGRO 2.1 / AGRO 2.2.